Bryonry Lavery
Ut Severis Seges Theatre Company
Te Kore


Bryony Lavery's instrospective insight into life on a submarine comes to the Fringe, brought by Ut Severis Seges and performed at the base of a toweringly sloped lecture theatre.

The Fringe setting necessitates that the original play's huge set has had to be curtailed to suit the venue, unfortunately removing the ability for the audience to move of their own accord around the action and get a sense of the claustrophobia first-hand. But the heartfelt humanity of the piece shines through nonetheless.

Telling the story of the 1990 Kursk submarine disaster through the eyes of a fictional British sub observing the Russian naval operations in secret, Kursk manages to convey the homesickness and tedium felt by the crew, as well as the frustration and difficulties of being in command of such an operation, as the tragedies large and small occur from outwith the vessel.

It's a solid piece of theatre, performed with gusto and heart by the company and, even with the reduced size of the stage, it's still a captivating story filled with meaningful performances.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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