La Clique

London Hippodrome, Leicester Square

Production photo

It's quite hard to review a show when you were hiding behind your hands for half of it!

The cult smash hit variety show La Clique is one of those shows where the heart is willing; you want so much to watch, but what you see is so fantastically unbelievable that you end up hiding from it. However, when you peer out from behind your hands you are treated to a line-up of some of the world's finest international acts.

The London Hippodrome re-opens its doors to La Clique with its seductive assortment of circus/burlesque/cabaret. Unpredictable in nature, it attacks all the senses with each act somehow topping the one before with the element of surprise and danger adding to the excitement.

To take away any of the mystery would take away from the experience itself. So I shall whet (or wet: there's a bit of a clue for you already) your appetite without giving too much away. There are acts that you will have seen before: a contortionist, a sword swallower, a juggler and acrobats. However La Clique is a cabaret performance with a twist. They present a juggler that is a reincarnation of Freddie Mercury who moves his balls (juggling balls that is) to the music whilst singing throughout, a contortionist who looks like he is from the 118 adverts as he clumsily stumbles about the stage making you fear for his safety as well as your own and there is the stripper with her mischievous disappearing hanky - you know what's coming and still you can't believe your eyes.

How on earth people discover they posses these skills is probably not worth contemplating. How they then turn them into an art form is truly remarkable; as Captain Frodo the contortionist says himself, "Isn't it just amazing what people can do for a living?"

That really is just a sneak preview into the weird and wonderful world of La Clique but you'll thank me for not spoiling it. Simply be prepared for a night of guilty pleasures and astonishing acts that must be seen to be believed.

Booking until February 2009

Reviewer: Rachel Sheridan

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