Late Night Gimp Fight

Phil McIntyre Entertainments
Pleasance Courtyard

A filthy energetic sketch show that satisfies the lusts of the youthful lubricated late night crowd. More than just dirty jokes this is a technically and musically very well trained animal.

Visually very arresting with big video screens adding to the dodgy porn cinema effect and some really silly stuff with UV lighting. There are some four top musical numbers that are well delivered with some fun choreography: just don't listen to the lyrics if you have problem with say bestiality to name but one topic.

The boys have boundless energy and no shame, which is, on stage as in the bedroom, a winning combination. The odd sketch falls a little flat, in some cases the punch lines were a bit too obvious. Mostly though the sketches were punchy and daring.

Good late night entertainment, leaving you feeling slightly guilty but happy.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin

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