Circle of Eleven and Assembly
Assembly George Square

Leo is almost impossible to describe. It’s mime. And like all mime, it challenges our understanding of the physical world. We know that Marcel Marceau was not trapped in a box. We see no box. Yet we must abandon this logic in order to appreciate how convincing Marceau was.

We are presented with two dancers / mimes. One is dancing on the floor and the other is dancing on the wall. It’s as if gravity is located in two different places; the floor on one side and the wall on the other. And we are riveted. How can we understand that, what we are seeing, our logical mind says in not possible? How are we supposed to interpret this? And yet, there they are; one dancer adheres to logic and the other one asks us to suspend our disbelief.

And still, have we got it right? Leo takes us further and further, challenging us. Just at the moment when we accept and give into enjoying the movement for its own sake, we are thrown another challenge of logic. It’s sort of like enjoying yourself enjoying yourself. You really have to step outside yourself.

Leo is a dazzling and highly recommended piece of physical theatre. Another programme good for all ages.

Reviewer: Catherine Henry Lamm

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