Let's Inherit the Earth

Moran Pearson
Dogstar Theatre Company (Scotland) and Profilteatern (Sweden)
Pleasance Courtyard

There’s a great line in this show, “oh nature is so unnatural,” that sets the tone for the whole piece.

Set in the near future, society is falling apart as Scotland floods, Sweden is on fire and animals are dying. Despite all of these world events, some of the characters refuse to believe there’s anything wrong, a dangerous mix of arrogance and ignorance.

They embody the selfishness and shortsightedness of most humans with the added qualification of being rich enough to think money will solve all their problems. In contrast, four ‘ordinary’ humans are struggling to survive, joining forces, attempting to be self-sufficient.

There are frictions in the camp, however, when egos and skillsets clash. Humans of course are ultimately out for number one.

The cast of five work incredibly hard, neatly switching between both sets of characters as well as singing and frantically changing the set. The characterisation is mildly absurd but recognisable, carefully observed.

There are some surprisingly dark moments and laughs too as the plot heads towards its inevitable conclusion. Whilst the messaging around climate change is undeniably thought-provoking, the gig theatre style interludes fall a little flat and the comedic approach wears a little thin as the pace begins to slow.

There’s no doubt that the human race needs to clean its mess up but this show is unlikely to jolt people into action.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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