Limbo: City of Dreams

Finn Anderson
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and American Music Theatre Project
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose

City of Dreams Credit: Robert McFadzean

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland continues its collaboration with the American Music Theatre Project at Northwestern University Chicago for the third year and it is a truly successful “hands across the pond” venture bringing these talented musical theatre performers to Edinburgh to create such exciting new work.

Limbo: City of Dreams is a joyous production. As we enter the auditorium, the enthusiastic cast are dancing, singing and celebrating in the style of Hair. They are a tribe who have escaped from the City of Stone and set up a secretive community in the forest in order to survive.

This “modern myth for our times” asks us to focus on a time when we live in a world without imagination, where books have all the answers and people can no longer ask any new questions.The city is fuelled by an overarching machine that provides all their needs (think of Lang’s Metropolis) But the fuel is running out and yet they trust in the machine despite its malfunctions.

So “the moment has arrived” as they stand on the earth of the future. A new beginning beckons. Imogen (Katie Lynch) still has the ‘gift’ and has visions. She escapes the city and joins the dreamers where she is inducted into their ways with the help of Blaze (Becky Brincat) and Spark (Emmet Smith) who beatboxes with style. Then there is Chase (Inna Tähkänen) who considers Immo as a challenge.

The Reverie (Alexa Moster) is the leader who maintains order but also controls a vital secret. But will Immo manage to save her ill father and indeed the whole city?

The enthusiasm, choreography and musical ability of this ensemble company is infectious and their performances are so impressive. Finn Anderson’s book, music and lyrics performed by a superb band are exceptional coupled with Tania Azevedo’s imaginative direction. This production is an absolute delight.

There is also a powerful message that young people are our future if we are to create a sustainable world. We just have to listen; let's hope we do.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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