Little Matters

Edward Wrenn
The River People
Bedlam Chambers

As you enter the tented auditorium that is attached to a gypsy wagon you are greeted with some lovely guitar and violin music played live by Edward Wren and Ivan Stott. You sit on comfy benches and await this magical story to unfold.

This is a charming puppet show that explores the rite of passage from childhood to adult life and it is told with simple sincerity.

It is a tale of Little Matter and his battle between light and dark and facing up to his demons.

Starting at the beginning of time the young boy discovers his light that he must relinquish in order to join the grown-up world. On his way he meets Dark in a well and sells his light to him and so his adventure begins.

The puppets are varied and beautifully crafted, operated by the men and Kate Hadley and Claire Harvey.

The scenery is cleverly designed and you have to wonder at its originality.

You can't help but be captivated by the actors enchanting and alluring storytelling.

It ends with Wren telling the audience, "The gift of a moment when everything is forgotten, so grow from one moment to another."

A thought to ponder with, as we left the magical oasis that The River People had created to rejoin the rain sodden streets of Edinburgh.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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