Livewire Theatre's Peter Pan

Livewire Theatre
theSpace@Surgeons Hall

In the classic tradition of Peter Pan, it's well known that the part of Captain Hook is usually performed by the same actor who portrays Mr. Darling. It's not surprising then that Livewire Theatre have as usual turned this gender tradition upon its head in their production of J M Barrie's classic children's story, with the part of Hook instead performed by the same actress who previously enacted Mrs. Darling.

It's curious then that the rest of the production is a capable and faithful version of the story, with only one curious difference, a repeated motif of a boy struggling to help his mother cope with the death of her younger son. It's a strange and surprising addition to the text, which seems to have been forgotten halfway through the show and as a result never gets a final dénouement, making it all the more baffling.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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