Alexander Knott
Boxless Theatre in association with Eastlake Productions and Jack Maple
Underbelly, Cowgate

Billed as a combination of new writing and physical theatre, Loop is indeed both, but, unlike many pure dance-based physical pieces, this is lyrical storytelling. The movement drives three generations of the same family forward to new experiences, new places and, most crucially, new music.

A young woman leaves London for a better life and gets swept up by the Northern Soul scene. Years later, her daughter finds romance through '80s pop and, fast forwarding to the present, their son is busy remixing on his laptop, dreaming of an escape to the pumping beats of London.

Music is what connects them but is also what sets them apart, a generational divide not quite bridged until the saccharine ending. The soundtrack forms an integral part of the show but what brings it alive is the love story at the heart. Capturing youthful bravado the two flirt in the most humorous and sweet way.

The juddery opening sequence suggests that the journey may not be chronological but the story that does unfold is linear and easy to follow. Subtle changes in costume suggesting the passage of time.

Whilst not the most inventive in terms of choreography, Loop is nonetheless an enjoyable delve into the history of one family through time.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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