Love Child

Joanna Murray-Smith
Early Worx in theatre and art and Higher Ground Inc
Gilded Balloon Teviot

If there is one great aspect to the sorts of production that appear at the Edinburgh Fringe, it's the variety of difficult subject matter which is taken on.

In Love Child, we are placed in the centre of an incredibly uncomfortable situation, the reunion of an middle-aged woman and the child she put up for adoption as a teenager. But there is far more to this story that the tale of an attempt to bridge an emotional bridge between two pained women.

The play also delves into the chalk and cheese ideologies of the generations of modern day women and the 60s feminist movement. The construct allows for a neatly offset situation where the modern soap actress every-woman and her Greerian feminist mother must confront their mutual disdain and admit to each other, as well as to themselves how emotionally damaged they are.

It's a well staged play, and, given the sensitivity of the subject matter at hand, both the writers and the actors have done well to inject the appropriate levels of humour and pathos into the piece without ever coming across as being cloying or trite.

It's a solid piece of Fringe work and well worth the ticket price as the play will be one that stays with the audience long after the stage lights fall.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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