Duncan Macmillan
Paines Plough
Brewery Arts Centre


A torrent of words and emotions pour out from this bright, intelligent and enquiring couple played by Sian Reese-Williams and Abdul Salis.

"Let’s have a baby." "WHAT!" "The queue in Ikea is not the right place to ask me that question!" The audience in this intimate and powerful play are totally involved from the moment Sian Reese-Williams nods to the lighting box and the play begins.

Words pour out and fill the wonderful Roundabout theatre module: forceful examination of the implications of bringing another life into a crowded and resource hungry world. How much carbon will be needed? What? Ten thousand tonnes! You need to get a proper job. You need to give up smoking.

What if, what if, what if? Fear, exhilaration, let’s do it now. I can’t, I have a meeting. You can, we must, now, it must be now. My God, I have missed my period; we must get a testing kit. Now. We have to tell my parents, no, wait, and mine? Words crash out; they crash around the two lovers. Cracks appear.

The dream shatters, rejection, separation.

Time passes, they meet again. Love is fanned into life again by a wild wind of words—and pregnancy. They are good people, they recycle, plant trees, bring up their son. One dies, the other slowly fades but the love stays strong.

A truly moving and deep portrayal of love. We left enthralled and intensely moved by this clever, witty torrent of words. Direction by George Perrin.

Reviewer: Denis W McGeary

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