Lysistrata the Musical

Based on the play by Aristophanes
Flying High Theatre Company
The Space at Surgeon's Hall

Setting the story of Lysistrata in Greenham Common to mark the 30th anniversary of the Greenham Peace Women was a brave choice.

The musical focuses on a group known as the "Women for Life on Earth" who marched from Cardiff and camped outside the former RAF base from Cardiff.

Their was a jaunty score from Jack Quarton and the large cast embraced the breezy songs with confidence but the balance between the keyboard and the singing made it difficult to hear some of the words.

The women under the leadership of Lysistrata encourage the Welsh group to withdraw their sexual activities in order to force their men folk and in particular the government to negotiate a peace with the Russians.

There were some comic moments when the Women's Institute clash with a group of Scottish old men. There were some strong individual performances and this production had lots of potential: pity it wasn't fully realized.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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