Manifest Destiny's Child

Dennis Trainor, Jr.
Guy Masterson-TTI Presents Dennis Trainor Jr.
Assembly Rooms

Manifest Destiny's Child

Do you want to know what it's really like in the down-and-dirty American presidential political war? Dennis Trainor Jr. was there, hired as Communications Director for the one-time, short-lived presidential run of paediatrician Jill Stein (who?).

You'll be forgiven not knowing the name. At the time, she was still in the running as the Green Party candidate, there was a huge and active revolving door of candidates. Everyone knew that, as the end loomed, there would be left two or maybe three candidates offered up to the American voters.

And then, out of nowhere, came the media giant millionaire who quickly positioned himself as the voice of the average American. He wanted to win the election. (We weren't sure he wanted to BE president.)

Dennis Trainor must have known that only a miracle could keep Jill Stein in till the end. She had a drifting band of warriors who believed in what the Green Party stood for and Trainor was there to help. So, Jill Stein, with running mate Ajamu Baraka (who?), and the rest of the lesser-knowns, had to scramble to look like they could compete with the big boys: Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

But Trainor found himself drowning in the work that he was not cut out for. There was not enough money and not enough bodies. And not enough support.

Trainor has painted a picture of what it looks like in the presidential election arena. It's West Wing without the rose-coloured glasses and without Aaron Sorkin.

Trainor is easy to listen to and easily understood. He knows his stuff. If you want a picture of what an American, down-and-dirty, political presidential run looks like, you could not want for better.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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