Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Soho

Jon Brittain and Matt Tedford

Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Soho
Matt Tedford

She may have passed away earlier this year, but Margaret Thatcher is very much alive at Battersea’s Theatre503. In a drag comedy musical extravaganza, Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Soho offers an alternative version of controversial anti-homosexual legislation Section 28.

Armed with her signature handbag, hairstyle and stony voice, Matt Tedford is glorious as Maggie T. He exudes confidence—much like Thatcher herself—as well as a natural comic ability—definitely not like Thatcher. With the slightest of looks, Tedford is able to send the audience into hysterics.

Support comes in the form of Ed Yelland and Robert Cawsey (‘The Wets’) who are dressed in builders boots, denim shorts and tight-fitting white t-shirts. They play a multitude of characters including Jill Knight and Peter Tatchell with brilliant energy and enthusiasm—including an ingenious inclusion of Winston Churchill.

The trio's energy never falters in spite of the physical demands of the production.

The song and dance journey into Thatcher's tenure at Downing Street doesn't take any prisoners and it's certainly not one for Thatcherites (or those with a conservative disposition).

Queen of Soho never seems laboured thanks to Brittain and Tedford's sharp and slick script with jokes coming from all directions. This is also aided by Theatre503’s intimate space, which allows Tedford to work the audience with ease ensuring a rapturous atmosphere.

It is sheer entertainment; a guaranteed laugh-a-minute—unless you’re a Daily Mail reader.

Reviewer: Sean Brooks

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