Mark Thomas: Extreme Rambling (Walking The Wall)

Phil McIntyre Entertainments
The Bongo Club

Mark Thomas has never been one to shy from a controversial or even potentially harmful situation, and his latest escapade, upon which this show was based, is no different. Earlier this year, he took it upon himself to walk the entire length of the Israeli Seperation Barrier, for the full 750 kilometres it covers, and speak to the people who live there. Covering the entire adventure, from the outset to the end in a sporadic, chatty fashion he recounts the bizarre vagueries of the political situation there, along with the real humanising stories of the people he met and the strange events which occured.

Thomas is no stranger to the stage, and his affable and likeable personality might earn him the accolade of truly being a character, an accolade he might even resent. His wit and charm and brutal honesty kept the entire crown rapt with fascination and incredulity. It's more than a testament to the quality of a performance when audience members in a two hour show find themselves anxious for the five minute mid-show comfort break to be over. As an activist, Thomas has never been more slyly clever in his ability to educate as he entertains, and as a stand-up and a performer his energy and enthusiasm bursts from the stage throughout.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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