Mavis Sparkle

Gilly Baskeyfield and Dot Wood
M6 Theatre Company
Pleasance Courtyard

Mavis Sparkle

Mavis Sparkle is a delightful family show. Mavis is a cleaner on her last day in her present job and loves to travel. Her wanderlust started with her parents and their campervan called Connie and she dreams of seeing the Northern Lights one day.

Her cleaning trolley is full of surprises, a magical creation with nooks and crannies, drawers and cupboards of various sizes that reveal special secrets.

There is an ornate cuckoo clock on a pole that reminds Mavis whether it's teatime or mopping time.

Mavis has worked in a variety of places such as hospitals, schools, toilets and shops but she needs to find a new job, perhaps in the zoo or a funfair or even the seaside.

She also has an adorable, shy hedgehog called Spike that she rescued and he has his own little room in the dust trolley.

As Mavis, Eve Robertson quickly establishes a friendly rapport with the audience whilst performing some simple magic tricks and illusions.

We learn about her father, who was a travelling magician, and how he met her mother who was a dancer and on a model theatre.

We see the act the ‘Sparkles’ performed using miniature props creating the ‘vanishing lady’, all very cleverly achieved.

In between the tricks, we learn more about her life and how the cleaning business started. There is a charming shadow puppet scene that beautifully creates the Aurora Borealis.

But will Mavis apply for the job on the Shetland Isles cleaning a lighthouse and go on a gigantic adventure and will Spike join her?

The ending is rather special as the cleaning trolley comes to life. This is a gentle and charming way to start the day in the company of Mavis.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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