Max and Ivan: The Reunion

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Pleasance Dome

Max and Ivan: The Reunion

Now firm fringe favourites, Max and Ivan are back for 2014 with a whole new variety of characters. The class of 2003 reunites for one night only with hilarious consequences, plenty of flashback scenes and a very special musical number.

The Reunion is a slightly less zany show than some of their previous outings but has a lot more of a developed story arc and even a romance. This allows the pair to demonstrate the breadth of their acting skills on top of their fast-paced comedy, as even the caricatures become somewhat believable.

The true hero of the tale is aliment-ridden Brian, but a randy geography teacher, two embittered ex-band mates and a student whom no one remembers also vie for stage time and laughs.

With such versatile multi-rolling, it is inevitable that there will be at least one moment in which all of the characters clash together and the audience reacted to the proposal scene, in which Max plays everyone, with audible glee.

This isn’t fast and furious but it is well-paced and extremely funny. The easy interplay between the two is a joy to watch, making them a formidable comedic duo.

I wrote in 2011 "it seems that nothing can stop Max and Ivan on their sketch comedy quest for greatness" and this phrase seems apt again for 2013 as their star continues to rise.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston