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Metamorphoses: Fables from Ovid

Hecate Theatre Co
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall

It's a warm summer night, and four young Victorian girls try in vain to sleep on this evening before their débutante ball.

Their palpable excitement whips them into a frenzy and, to calm them and hopefully bring them back to a chance of sleep, their firm but indulging matron lets them act out several of Ovid's classic tales of transformation and the supernatural.

In this wonderfully fresh and lively production, Hecate Theatre Co has created a warm and inviting situation where the five talented actors, sings, dances and mimes through the tales of Philomela, Echo, Narcissus and others snatched liberally from the pages of the Metamorphoses, flitting from the comic to the tragic, yet never becoming upsetting or too unpleasant.

Instead the sensation is that of seeing a snapshot into the lives of women from another time, one that is wholly enjoyable to experience and a company that will be welcome to return to the Fringe for years to come.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan