Michael Winslow: man of 10,000 Voices

Michael Winslow
Underbelly Productions and Get Comedy
Udderbelly Pasture

To many Michael Winslow is simply 'the sound effect guy from Police Academy' and, whilst true his talents have little extended across the Atlantic to the UK, that has evidently been very much our loss. Where the great worry lies with seeing a show by an unknown quantity, one better known for a single talent, is it can oft be the case that they fail to suit the different situation. In this case it became clear that Michael Winslow is a world class stand-up performer and a man of not only 10,000 voices but as many jokes and witty comebacks besides.

As he opens his act by peeking a cuddly toy around the corner of the stage, it was clear that the act was going to be an irreverent romp. As the performance gets into it's swing it becomes clear that Winslow has a great ease being in the limelight. His lightning wit and timing are impecable, instantly pouncing on any hecklers or anyone foolish enough to try and sneak off to the bathroom mid-show. Through his act he avoids giving any long autobiographical stories, using them instead to whisk the audience into another opportunity for him to show off his vocalisms and incredible oratory accomplishments. Needless to say, his is a voice that will be welcome at the Fringe again, in any guise.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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