Mitch Benn: Reduced Circumstances

Mitch Benn / The Stand Comedy Club
The Stand Comedy Club III & IV

Mitch Benn isn't half the man he used to be, or to be more exact he's just over half the man he used to be, as his return to a full Fringe calender is largely about his notable weight loss over the last two years.

Luckily, unlike many comedians, Benn isn't interested in turning it into a sob story or some triumphant overcoming adversity story. Instead this is more of a delving into the reasons behind his reasons for losing it and the reactions of his fellow comedians.

Of course, this being Mitch Benn, there is a sizable musical part of the show. From his opening moment beatboxing on a simple iPhone app, through his stand-up routine and his guitar pieces, Mitch Benn never stops surprising the audience with his wit and his musical abilities.

Right down to his final play of his classic BBC song, it's a good old time had by all.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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