Mod Girl

Bath University Student Theatre Society
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall

Mod Girl is a contemporary telling of an encounter with a handsome, young widow, JW (his wife “died of unnatural causes”) hiring a streetwalker, Candice, for a respectable evening of dinner and... They are both looking for adventure.

This is not Pretty Woman. It is not clear why the author chose this very 70s word “mod” to describe her but, even though she is only 16, she is hardly a child.

Candice is not the child prostitute but is a seasoned and sceptical streetwalker played stiffly by Elle Porrill (you can almost hear the gum popping) while Jack Collard plays JW (short for Johnny Walker we find out with—with no real relevancy) with a realistic ease if a little less than engaged. In fact, both seem a little too one-dimensional and we never quite see into their souls.

Although the actors bring a certain believability to their characters, the script and direction by Ian Lerch manages to make it all seem antiseptic. First rule of thumb in playwriting, you have to care about at least one of the characters. The scene changes are long and could be eliminated. A third character is unnecessary and does not aid in moving the plot forward.

Reviewer: Catherine Henry Lamm

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