Molly Wobbly's Tit Factory

Paul Boyd
Lyric Belfast
Assembly Rooms

Molly Wobbly’s Tit Factory is an outrageous, irreverent and zany adult musical.

Set in the town of Little Happening that is going into decline, a stranger has bought the old church and the lives of the remaining inhabitants is going to change forever.

The opening sequence is reminiscent of the RKO films and we are introduced to three families who live in mammary lane—the significance of the name is revealed later.

There is the camp hairdresser Jake and his wife Jemma who was a convent girl, the Clock repairer Robbie and his sensuous sexy wife Ruth and finally the voluptuous Margaret and her hen pecked husband Malcolm.

The green haired stranger, Ithanku, is a Burtonesque character who creates ‘make-overs’, hypnotising the women and providing them with a magical cocktail potion that helps them realise their dream bodies through cosmetic surgery and empowers them to stand up to their husbands, who also become obsessed with killing their spouses.

In this mystical world, we also meet the erotic Kitten, a gay angel who is Ithanku’s assistant ensuring that everyone tops up their potion.

All the cast give stellar performances and sing well and they obviously relish their characters.

Paul Boyd has written the book, music and lyrics and there are certainly some funny one-liners. The score is rich and the songs catchy and it is camp to the extreme with a very ‘cheeky’ ending; just go to find out.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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