That Moment

Dougie Blaxland
Live Wire Productions
King’s Head Theatre, Islington

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You couldn’t spend a more entertaining hour at lunchtime than at this gem of a new play.

It is everything you want in a show: witty, slick and superbly acted by the talented Jenny Harrold. I’ve seen this young actress in two plays now and I’m convinced it is only a matter of time before the West End picks her up.

The play is about a drama school graduate whose desperation to hit the big-time only leads her into more hilariously embarrassing and compromising situations. Alicia Harding recounts her trials and tribulations from the sitting room of the famous director who’s supposed to give her a break. Much to her despair, she’s dog-sitting his incontinent, diabetic hound while he’s in Scotland giving another actress the big break instead. Hacking into his email account to recommend herself to his affluent director friends is only one of her hair-brained schemes that backfire.

While one-person shows are not my favourite, this one works because Alicia acts out the numerous characters that inhabit her world; the director, her agent, her on/off boyfriend amongst others. Therefore, it never feels like a one-woman show nor does the pace ever lapse.

With a simple but effective set design and just a sprinkling of sound effects this is a must for anyone interested in watching top-class acting at a cheap ticket price.

At 1pm until until 12th October

Reviewer: Zia Trench

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