Mr Sole Abode

Madrugada, in association with Contact Theatre Manchester
Lyric Studio, Hammersmith

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Leo Kay's first production for his new company, Madrugada, explores the world of Mr Sole Abode, a grown man who lives in a fridge because his childhood dreams of building a city went up in smoke.

Through music, monologue and movement, Mr Sole Abode tells the tale of a lifetime of dreams and nightmares. He is by turns mouthy man of the streets, thwarted penthouse-dwelling architect and vulnerable child. Particularly moving is the impressively acrobatic dream sequence in which the roots of Mr Sole Abode's obsession with architecture - and the early demise of his career - is revealed.

This is 55 minutes of completely conceived, entirely absorbing theatre at its best. The sometimes obscure world of physical theatre is made accessible by Mr Sole Abode's earthy monologues and ability to laugh at himself. Faulty Optic's set design, including a Dr Who style fridge which looks as though it might take off into unknown spheres at any moment, compliments the wry tone of the play beautifully. A triumphant beginning for Leo Kay's new company - if Mr Sole Abode is anything to go by, Madrugada will be a name to watch.

Until 17th March 2007

Reviewer: Louise Hill

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