Much Ado About Nothing

William Shakespeare
Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group
The Royal Scots Club

It’s spring 1945. With a respite from the war, Don Pedro and his group of war-weary soldiers happen in to a local and known household. While young Claudio falls in love with the daughter, Hero, Benedick spars familiarly with cousin Beatrice.

A quick marriage between Claudio and Hero is foiled by scandal. Beatrice and Benedick get involved in solving the mystery and discover their love for each other as a benefit.

Much Ado is extremely comfortable in the World War II era. Here particularly fun is the fact that this more mature cast is good at the Lindy.

The mature Hazel Eadie as Beatrice and mature Chris Allan as Benedick are delightful together. There sparring is warm and doesn’t draw blood.

Younger cast members Sam Brunton as Claudio and Debi Pirie as Hero are winsome.

Filling out the cast ably are Dario Dalla Costa as Virgil, Hilary Davis as “Dame Joan”, Richard Godden as Don Pedro, Abbye Eva as Ursula, Fiona Main as Dogberry, Wendy Mathison as Leonata, Edith McLaughlin as Sexton, James Scott as Conrade and Oliver Trotter as Barachio.

The director David Grimes has made the most of his capable, charming and age-blind cast—having Beatrice stuck hiding behind a trap under the stage. What fun.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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