My Last Two Brain Cells

Tom Hazelden and Joe Pike
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose

My Last Two Brain Cells

Brain Cell 64,928,460,784 (Joe Pike) welcomes us, the hormones, for a rare tour of Gary’s brain, which can’t start until we’ve had the full health and safety briefing. Brain Cell 12 (Tom Hazelden) wants to bring some much-needed excitement to the tour; after all, why go through all that, when there hasn’t been a single disaster in the whole history of Gary?

Then the alarm goes off, triggering a scramble for a way to save their lives, but the doors are locked and all the other cells have gone.

What follows is an hilarious, fast-paced hour of ridiculousness as the pair go into meltdown, trying everything to revive Gary with some audience support, well-researched jokes based on the endocrine system and seriously impressive timing throughout. In one stand-out moment, the pair perform what is probably the tightest choral speaking you will see on the Fringe!

This is Pike and Hazelden’s first full-length show, which debuted at the Vault Festival this year where it won the People’s Choice Award, adding and selling-out extra shows there. They are an exciting new company, quickly making a name for themselves, for all the right reasons—best to book in advance!

Reviewer: Tony Trigwell-Jones

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