Canal Cafe Theatre
Pleasance Courtyard

NewsRevue has become a permanent fixture on the Fringe with its familiar satirical take on the year's events, compiled from its long-running show in London.

This year's subjects, as you may predict, cover the various political shenanigans in government and at the leadership level of the two main political parties, as well as the Royal Family, Game of Thrones, Adele, the US Presidential race, Pokemon Go, the Rio Olympics and a great deal more.

The format is exactly the same as in previous years. The hard-working pianist is centre-stage to provide links and the backing for the songs, which make up most of the items and consist of popular or musical theatre songs with new lyrics that comment on current events. There are also short sketches and quicky one-liners over the PA in blackout to link everything together. Some very clever rhymes and wordplay are regularly punctuated by obscenities and bad taste humour, just to cover all tastes.

This year's foursome are as energetic, multi-talented and exhaustingly committed as always. The material seems a bit obvious and easy most of the time, but perhaps that reflects a year when real events seem like a parody in themselves, or maybe I've become too used to the NR formula—there were certainly people in the audience laughing as hard as I have in earlier shows of theirs.

But it's all good fun in the worst possible taste and ends with their usual impressive medley, this time, of course, on Brexit.

Reviewer: David Chadderton

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