Not Yet Suffragette

Entreprenher in association with Eastlake Productions
Underbelly, Bristo Square

How far have women’s right’s come and how much further do they have to go? This one-woman show explores a brief history as far as the '70s, tackles the present day in the UK and then turns its attention to events abroad, a stark reminder that although things have improved there’s still a mountain to climb.

Natalie Cutler is an enthusiastic performer who keeps the audience’s attention throughout, be it reading real extracts from The Telegraph about women’s duties to grotesquely dolling herself up as an Instagram-ready female. She’s persuasive in her arguments and rightly incredulous when sharing some of the historical detail.

The show almost sits in three acts and it's in the first two that she excels, a cross between a lecture and stand-up comedy. The third part, although shocking, does not work so well, a rendition of the "Cell Block Tango" clearly making the political point but falling short of the theatrical mark.

The message is powerful and the delivery heartfelt but the format of this show is rather jarring. The ending however is a rousing call to action, there’s still plenty to campaign for, the work of the suffragettes is not yet complete.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston