One Fine Day

Dennis Lumborg
South Hill Park with True Grit Theatre
Zoo Den

Dennis Lumborg's play is a brave, disturbing and captivating story. Eddie, beautifully realized by Jake Addley, has been accused of abusing his young daughter Katie and now the social services have become involved, resulting in his marriage breakdown.

Addley has a superb affinity with the audience in this tiny basement theatre as he draws you in to experience his life. He has splendid comedy timing as we learn about his sex education at the age of six and his visits to the fairground and his growing up in Liverpool, all told with a charm and genuine warmth.

Eddie decides to kidnap his two children from school and take them to the seaside for a day's outing and this is where is troubles deepen, as the police get involved with heart rendering results.

This was an honest engaging solo performance from the talented Jake Addley. Not to be missed.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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