Onstage Dating

Bron Batten
Underbelly, Cowgate

Bron Batten, Onstage Dating

Australian Bron Batten has devised a way to find a date, a different date every night: put on a show!

Batten, who has devised this improv show, brings us along as she investigates the concept of online dating, applying it to on-stage dating. She gets a volunteer from the audience, pre-screened, who is single and hunting. And willing.

She then leads him through several scenarios which mostly include questions that he and she both answer over a glass of wine. Often a little uncomfortable but only over-the-edge when she starts removing bits of clothing.

She looks at him to make a similar move. “Was that unclear?” She is clever, very funny, sensitive and bluntly right-on. We’ve all been there.

This promises to be a different show every night. She proves she can handle it.

Reviewer: Catherine Henry Lamm

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