Our Friends, The Enemy

Alex Gwyther
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall

Our Friends, The Enemy

The 1914 Christmas truce is a ripe source for material for a Fringe show. The display of humanity in the darkest of situations can lead to moving and fascinating interpretations.

In Our Friends, The Enemy, we are given a one-man whistle-stop tour of the front lines while Alex Gwyther uses a smattering of props to differentiate a series of English, German, French and Belgian soldiers, recounting the events in an epistolary style.

It's a confident and ably-performed piece. As a spoken word performer, Gwyther seems to have little trouble in affably telling the story of a series of front line soldiers across the trench lines that fateful winter.

While not the most unusual of ideas, it's still an even-toned and inventive take on the material.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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