Pappy's Last Show Ever

Pleasance Dome

Comedy, whether it be stand-up, sketches or improv, can start to drag after even half an hour if there is no overall theme or direction. Pappy's, though, are masters of the intergrated sketch show, tying up loose ends with the diligence of good boy scouts, though somewhat lacking in scouting moral fibre—the c-word is used in the first few minutes.

Pappy's are essentially a meta-sketch group: there are plenty of sketches but it's more about the narrative which, as always, involves trying to put on a sketch show. This time the narrative takes the form of a whimsical series of flashbacks like Titanic or Stephen King's It.

The three comedians play warped, slightly pathetic versions of themselves and there is very much an emphasis on human failings. One highlight is a game show where contestants compete to see who can't do the most things.

Pappy's appear to have grown up slightly; although there are still very silly songs and hastily handmade props there is also well-choreographed theatre, for instance a lovely piece of audience interaction. It is a terrific show and it seems doubtful that this will be their last ever show.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin