Party Piece

Rob Salmon
New Wolsey Young Associates
Bedlam Theatre

The most entertaining part of a party can always come from the day after the night before as New Wolsey Young Associates proves with its 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Production.

Party Piece is certainly not a dreary teenage drama focused on the woes of adulthood. Instead what Rob Salmon and his young cast have created is an exciting and original production incorporating up-to-date issues in a comedic and physical form.

Set in a house the day after a drunken night, four school leavers lie hungover together and invite the audience to investigate the events of the last few hours, the lives of the teenagers and why there are six stolen garden gnomes all around the building.

All four cast members, Jack (Jack Brett), Lorna (Lorna Garside), Aidan (Aidan Napier) and Steve (Steve Withers) are as diverse as the production's artistic outlets, each putting across relatable but unique characteristics. The physical ability of the whole quartet is mesmerising to watch as multiple times they create strong movement routines that enhance the imagery and meaning of the scripted dialogue.

The sexual innuendo (mainly from Jack's character) and adult themes in the piece don't feel out of place at all and make this production very appealing to a young adult audience. The physical theatre montages and funny segments of dialogue on sex and alcohol create a unique bond between theatre, modern day issue and fun that is hard to come by in this day and age.

That said, there is a purpose behind the performance that is much deeper rooted than a hangover after a massive party. The final scene, set in a dim light, shows the performers reeling off what the future holds for them. Life isn't one big party but enjoying the time you have is important is a crucial message to take from this piece.

Party Piece is a phenomenal all-round theatrical experience and it would be a surprise if this doesn't go on to bigger and better things.

Party Piece runs until 24 August at Bedlam Theatre.

Reviewer: Liam Blain

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