Passing Through

Alistair Rutherford
Peapod Productions
The Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh

Passing Through Credit: Peapod Productions

A new romantic comedy being staged appropriately just before that day where we are supposed to send cards and generally be nice to our loved ones. This show suffered somewhat from the venue and its lighting, a key part of any romantic evening. The room was too bright, although this did help the actors as there was a lot of audience interaction.

Tommy (Philip Kingscott) is a hapless magician who bumps into Alice (Anna Guthrie) who like him is stuck an unsatisfactory relationship. Guthrie also plays Tommy's wayward girlfriend / assistant Tracey and Kingscott Alice's sci-fi nut boyfriend Richard. Guthrie does this well switching several times between the sympathetic Alice and the less classy Tracey.

Kingscott just has two weak guys to play and only gets a short stab at Richard near the end of the play so there wasn't a lot of difference between them and one wondered why Alice really bothered switching to Tommy and not just simply running away from both of them.

The audience interaction worked well and continued throughout, with audience members becoming characters in the play and forming the audience for Tommy's act. This really helped the comedy of the piece and kept the audience's interest, though the piece was rather slow at times.

Romance was there but Tommy did kind of man up at the end and was clearly a better choice than the uber-geek Richard, so the actors did pull off a happy little ending, if the play was a rather slow rom-com.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin

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