Eamonn Hearns
Assembly Hall

James is looking for love. Fresh from a bad relationship, or rather, as is truly more often the case, from a good relationship gone bad. He examines himself in the dating scene, why he succeeds and why he fails.

Laura was the good relationship gone bad. Penny Royal is one of the teas that he finds on his journey to finding the perfect tea for each occasion as Laura has complained, "all i want is for you to clean once a week and bring me tea in bed".

"Well", thinks James, "I can do that. Had I known." But of course it's always more than that. Life always gets much more complicated than that.

This sweet play, written and performed by Eamonn Hearns, speaks to all of us in a quiet, everyday way. And Hearn is infinately believable and tragically fragile.

One wants to put him in one's pocket and bring him tea.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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