Phill Jupitus Up The Stand

Phill Jupitus
The Stand Comedy Club

Phill Jupitus Up The Stand

In one of many shows that Jupitus is doing in Edinburgh this year, he takes to the stage in Stand 3 with a guitar and sings a couple of songs to kick off, one which is rather offensive to owls, and the other potentially to Coldplay fans.

Then he chats to us for the rest of the hour about his life and his family. He has recently moved to Scotland and is very much in tune with the Scottish cuisine. The chippy at the end of his road has a huge selection just on the chip menu—he gives an extensive description of the serving and consumption of a post-beer meal of chips with cheese and curry sauce, which continues into the next day.

The other main strand of his show features his youngest daughter, whom he described as a lesbian immigrant living in Trump's America. It's affectionate and frank and often very funny, as he talks about her wedding, emigration and growing up. Apparently bringing up daughters is hard, but sons are easy, according to this father of two grown-up girls.

His laid-back delivery reels you in and keeps you listening, even when there are long stretches of story before we get to the next joke. Everything is exaggerated for comic effect, but it is still his real life we are hearing about.

Apart from his stand-up show, you can also see Jupitus at The Stand doiing improvised character comedy in Achtung!/Acting! or you can see him sketching at various Edinburgh art galleries for free in Sketch Comic.

Reviewer: David Chadderton

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