Piff The Magic Dragon in... Jurassic Bark

Pleasance Dome

This is literally a magical hour in the presence of Piff the Magical Dragon—Jurassic Bark with his assistant Mr Piffles, the world's first magic performing Chihuahua, who levitates and suffers the indignity of being laminated and fired out of a cannon amongst myriad other tricks.

Piff, dressed in full dragon costume, is a talented and accomplished magician who has a wonderful rapport with his audience and entices, in this case, Laura from the audience, with a trick that ends with a mini Twix bar that appears from nowhere. She becomes his assistant for the next 50 minutes and has to pass four crucial tests in order to become his princess—well, he is desperate to find the girl of his dreams.

He is assisted by Amy Sunshine, who chews gum throughout and is the butt of some of Piff’s jokes.

Even when things go wrong—and they do—Piff’s charm and charisma shine through and he really is very funny. As to the magic, it really is amazing. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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