The Player's Advice to Shakespeare

Brian K Stewart
New Theatre of Ottawa (Canada)
C too (moved from C nova)

Before there were theatres and before there were actors, there were story-tellers. Story-tellers could weave fantasy with facts in a way that would inform and entertain. They were often the news agents of the day.

Story-telling was an art form; practiced and perfected. David Warburton is a story-teller of this tradition.

Mr Warburton is one of Shakespeare’s original company members who goes on tour with the company and manages to get himself embroiled in a rural riot that ends badly. He takes us on this journey, blow by blow, which ends up in confrontation with the bard himself.

Mr Warburton delivers a charming script by Brian K Stewart as if it was his own. Director John Koensgen rounds out the threesome essential. The audience does not need a lot of props and set pieces and only a table and chair are used.

Although this is really more a story-telling than a play, it’s engaging and extremely well done.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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