Pool (No Water)

Mark Ravenhill
New Celts Productions and Oddly Ordinary Theatre Company

Pool (No Water)

What happens to a collective of downtrodden artists when one of them breaks into the big leagues? What lengths will others go to in order to piggy-back their fame on another? Both of these are questions which Pool (No Water) grapples with, as it spins its dark and occasionally horrifying tale.

Mark Ravenhill’s much-lauded play is a spite-filled web of narcissism, lies and vindictive jealousy bubbling just under the surface. As the nameless trio of chalk and cheese artists piss, moan and bitch about their successful former friend, you can almost feel the hatred and self-pity welling out of each of them, as well as the feverish joy and excitement at her tragic predicament.

Amy Dallas, Aodhán Mallon and Isaac Wilson move around the stage like the three furies, conniving and confessing in equal measure. Between their movements, interactions with the few props, and even creation of bespoke music and atmosphere with a looped sound and voice, they create an entrancing and horrifying spectacle.

A tale as much parable as it is an insight; the artistry of horror found in the truly obscene.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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