Potted Potter

Dan Clarkson and Jefferson Turner
Seabright Productions
The Pleasance Grand

With the recent release of the last of the Harry Potter films Dan and Jeff return to the Fringe with their original 2006 production, albeit updated to include book seven and it is seventy minutes of mad -cap mayhem.

This dynamic duo perform all seven books at a breathtaking speed and it's tremendous fun. They play all 300 characters. Well, that's not quite true as Jeff plays Harry and Dan plays all the rest. The money to hire the rest of the actors has been spent on the dragon in book four.

They are both consummate storytellers who develop a delightful rapport with the audience.

This is pure slapstick comedy, using simple props, puppets and even a Hoover Junior vacuum cleaner to replace the Nimbus broom - "You have to get with the times."

The audience are all involved in a giant game of Quidditch as a globe of the world is used and for the first time in five years a team managed to get the globe through a hoop, so Slytherin scored ten points much to the disgust and boos from the Gryffindor crew The losing team were duly soaked by a water gun.

There is much good-natured ad-libbing and lots of unexpected humour in this zany parody and it was obvious that the actors were enjoying this performance as much as the capacity audience.

This was playful, impressive family entertainment. Fight for a ticket you will not be disappointed.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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