Mark Ravenhill
Robert Shaw for Inside Intelligence
Assembly Hall


Taught, beautifully written, full of humour and biting satire, Product is an engrossing way to spend an hour as Olivia Poulet pulls you into the world of her film pitch.

This one-woman monologue is a swift walk through an awful script that her character notes needs ‘punching up’ but relentlessly sells anyway. The imaginary starlet is clearly unimpressed but sits politely whilst the dialogue is acted out, character notes are suggested and much flattery takes place.

Poulet is completely at ease bringing much comedy and deliberately contrived emotion to the part, capturing perfectly the false sincerity of so many industry types.

The script might not be new (it debuted in 2005) but its examination of the showbiz treatment of the exotic other with its simplistic references to terrorism still remain topical and pertinent.

The scary thing, however, is that a love story (with many sex scenes) set to the backdrop of suicide bombing (with a guest appearance by Osama Bin Laden) set in a funky apartment (in a converted abattoir) might have already been made…

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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