Norian Maro (Korean)
C Chambers Street

Norian Maro is a great example of why one would want to come to the Fringe.

Its production Pudasi is steeped in Korean performance traditions that are totally alien to a Western audience but accessible. Norian Maro brings music and dance from the ancient while incorporating a very modern and Western modern dance level.

The performers greet the audience in the lobby area in beautiful formal costume. They follow the audience into the house and meet up with the featured dancer who is in a very simple modern dress.

The woman in flowing white gown carrying a white boat sings throughout while traditional drums and other instruments are a counterpoint to the very modern choreography of the solo dancer. We are aware of the chasm between these performers in very elaborate and colourful dress and the young woman in the modern dance.

Pudusi (pangut) is a performance style that includes drumming, dancing and singing. We are not sure if there is a story attached but are happy to follow along.

This is rich in culture and beautiful to watch. Pudasi is appropriate for the family.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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