Punk Rock

Simon Stephens
No Prophet Theatre
The Space on the Mile

This impressive drama is set in the sixth form common room of Stockport Grammar School where seven youngsters are preparing from their mock ‘A’ level exams.

They are a disparate bunch of adolescents: Bennet is the vindictive bully whose girlfriend Cissy is predicted to achieve straight As, Tanya is forever studying, a true swot, while Nicholas is the hockey-playing stud. Then there is nerdy Chadwick who is suffering from Asperger's.

When a newcomer Lily arrives at the school, she flirts with William and the dynamic of the group changes.

Pressures are mounting as the exam date approaches and teenage angst and frictions abound creating a hothouse of emotions and anxieties.

Each character has a secret or emotional issue that is slowly revealed, some most cruelly with a frightening dramatic ending that made the audience jump and sigh out loud in disbelief.

All the acting throughout is splendid, particularly from Will Merrick as William and Wesley Lineham as the spiteful Bennet.

This is no ordinary classroom drama but a taut, thoughtful and powerful exposé from author Simon Stephens that should certainly be on your list as one to see.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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