Quarter Life Crisis

Yolanda Mercy
Bridge Theatre

Alicia (Yolanda Mercy)

Alicia (Yolanda Mercy) of Nigerian heritage is having a quarter life crises. She is 25 years old, working zero hour jobs in London and still living with her mum. Her Tinder search for a partner seems at best embarrassing and her Young Person's Railcard is about to expire. If that wasn't enough to bother her, she hears that her 25-year-old cousin is getting married and her best friend is pregnant.

All this generates anxieties about what she is doing with her life, whether she is prepared for anything. In contrast, her mum at her age was pregnant, her grandparents were important people in Nigeria and at least one of her ancestors was a slave.

The forty-three minute, often lyrical, occasionally amusing, spoken word monologue is generally engaging. But it never really moves beyond a superficial description, of fragments from her own life and her family history.

Reviewer: Keith Mckenna

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