Randy is Sober

Brett Vincent for Get Comedy

Randy is a puppet, remember that. It becomes increasingly difficult to keep in mind as the show progresses. In Heath McIvor's performance from beneath a table the puppet Randy takes the audience through the difficult struggle he has made in quitting the demon drink, smoking and eating meat, not to mention his girlfriend moving to another city. Yes it's grim for Randy, and he's struggled. However he keeps his foamy chin up and asks the crowd to feel free to ask questions and interact.

It's a fun spectacle, and the 4th wall breaking mode of having the audience participate so much lends credence to believing in the puppet being real. The jokes aren't exactly laugh a minute, but there are gems of moments mixed in with the more polemic parts of his show. There were some moments where reality threatened to break the atmosphere, including an audience member taking particular offence to Randy's stance on abortion, but the remainder of the show was good fun and a nicely pleasing romp.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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