Re-Animator: The Musical

Red Hen Productions, The Schramm Group LLC and Gramily Entertainment
George Square Assembly

It's been almost 30 years since Stuart Gordon brought the movie adaptation to the big screen and, as a result of it's slightly less than stellar production values and the more than faint whiff of cheese to the overall proceedings, its rise as a cult classic ensured its relevance in the popular culture to date. It's probably only natural that at this point such films would resurface in another guise.

Which brings us to the newly envisioned version of the classic Lovecraftian adaptation complete with a full compliment of musical pieces by Mark Nutter.

What is it like? It's a blood-soaked orgy of wonderfully silly fun. The laughs of the original are played up to full effect, with added material, the tongue rooted even more firmly in the cheek and of course the foot-tappingly entertaining songs that now make up much of the story.

The brilliance of Re-Animator: The Musical is that even with no prior knowledge of the original story or film, this play is sufficiently gigglesome to ensure that anyone who ventures into the auditorium will leave a convert, and almost certainly covered in fake blood.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan