Arthur Schnitzler / Ada Gunther
Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club
theSpace @ Venue45


Reigen is a performance production of the newly translated early 1900s Austrian play by Arthur Schnitzler. We are given a sampling of couples before and after sex; relationships change very quickly and drastically. This holds true no matter the gender make up of the couples or the social status.

The cast of beautiful and graceful actors including Ciaran Constable, Georgina Taylor, Alice Tyrrell and Oliver Jones move from character to character, scene to scene.

Ada Gunther as director and writer provides a slick, Spartan production. The costumes in whites, creams and tans tie it together well. Although the production seemed a little self-conscious and stiff, this will easily smooth out.

The flaw, though minimal, is that the rear projections are on draped fabric so they were illegible from parts of the audience. And truly unnecessary.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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