Richard Herring: Talking Cock - The Second Coming

Richard Herring
Avalon Promotions

Richard Herring has taken aim at a few interesting targets for his comedy in the last few years, from the perils of school to the lives of Hitler and Jesus. This year he faces what could be his most controversial and biggest challenge ever, to understand that most inscrutable of items: the male sex organ.

Having conducted an online web-survey from over 10,000 people, he has used the answers to inform on the way we think about the old John-Thomas. From childish jokes and male insecurities to questions about length, girth and strange shapes, Herring runs the full gamut of different aspects of penis-based facts and jokes.

The one downside to the show is the over-reliance on the web site questionnaire which Herring refers to at many points to great comic effect. It unfortunately creates a slight sense that you're sitting at a friends house while they point out funny things they found on the Internet. It's a laugh but you expect a mite more original wit.

Nevertheless Herring is as charming and clever as always, never lacking in mirth-bringing quips and sharp observations. So do be sure and go see him Talking Cock before he blows his load completely.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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