Roll Out The Beryl

Laurielorry Theatre
Hill Street Theatre

This show has tremendous potential. It's the story of the wonderful comic actress Beryl Reid and Elaine Pantling gives the audience some of the best of Beryl's characters, all created from her shoes whilst ingeniously cooking a three course meal much to the audience's delight.

There are some charming anecdotes about Beryl's many cats, her phobia for shopping for clothes, her service with ENSA during the war and her radio work with Archie Andrews.

There was a warmth and sensitive rapport with the audience as they become involved in sharing the meal she is preparing. All good fun.

There are some serious moments as she explains her part in The Killing of Sister George and you couldn't help but be moved when she said, "I just want to love and be loved, but here I am on my own."

This is a show that deserves a larger audience.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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