The Rootless Company
LifeCare Edinburgh

Rootless reminds us that Edinburgh is a multicultural city with a wealth of cultural traditions. Here we find Indian bharatanatyam, Egyption dance, and Flamenco demonstrated in a celebration of artistic passions.

Among the musicial traditions we find Flamenco guitar and voice of the cantaor, North Indian Sitar and Egyption percussion.

The traditions of course are linked, through the migrations of the Romany people from India, through the Middle East and into Moorish Spain. And they find themselves reunited again here in Scotland.

The music is excellent, as is the dance, all based around precision, rhythm and melody. Flamenco is feisty, Egyption dance alluring, but the bharatanatyam dancer, a female servant of the gods in southern Indian temples, is the most enticing through her eye movements and smile.

Reviewer: Jackie Fletcher

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